Are You Simply Dieting or Getting Healthy?

Have you ever noticed the similarity between a diet and a New Years resolution? A diet sounds like a great idea when your standing in front of the mirror as you leave the shower, but by supper time it makes a lot more sense to start it tomorrow.

Do you sound like this?

"I have tried everything I can think of to lose weight. I lose 20 pounds but then I put it right back on again. This is so frustrating because I've been on an ongoing path of spiritual and emotional development for many years but can't seem to get passed the weight issue. So what am I missing?"

Here's is one way to help you with your weight problem.

Change who you are. Attempting to use will power or a "force of will" to change anything about yourself, including your weight, quickly becomes an exercise in frustration. Like a New Year's resolution, the primitive ego of your unconscious mind will quickly lose focus and revert you back from whom you "want" to be, to who you "really" are."

The only way for a person to permanently lose weight is to begin, step by step, changing who you are and how you think. Dieting alone won't work.

Far too many of us try to lose weight by dieting but we keep our house filled with junk food, we eat way too much fat, not enough grains and vegetables, we do little or no exercise, we watch way too much television sitting on a couch, we are not active and connected with our larger community, we are very self-focused and give back almost nothing to our larger community, we have little to no idea as to what our life purpose might be, and we give little to no thought as to what our true gifts really are.

The secret to losing weight is to think differently about who you are.

For example, instead of trying a new "diet", think bigger. Make the decision that you are going to adopt an overall healthier life style for yourself. Instead of thinking all the time about food;

begin exercising
make the decision to eat healthy foods and only allow healthy food into your house
avoid stopping at fast food restaurant's that tend to have a lot of fat in their menus
sign up for a yoga class
begin walking a few miles every day
give up smoking and alcohol
join a gym and start working out two or three hours a week
spend more time reading and less time watching television
intentionally hang out with people who also choose to live a healthy lifestyle
and find your life purpose what it is that you, and only you, can accomplish or contribute to the world?
In other words, don't worry about the weight, just make the decision that you are going to become a radically, totally, healthy person emotionally, physically, spiritually, and psychologically.

Here is one final thought. Weight gain is often associated with depression or dysthymia; the low-level, life long, mild depression that has been with us so long (usually since childhood) we don't even "know" we are sad or depressed.

An effective way to begin living a truly healthy life is to find a well-trained therapist and work with that person for a couple of years while you're implementing the other lifestyle changes we talked about above.

The best, and most effective way to change who you are is to change the way you think. When we change the way we think, our life changes without effort because the old behaviors, and old eating habits, no longer make sense.

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