9 Natural way and healthy diet to lose weight

This is 9 natural way and healthy diet to lose weight where this way is very usefull to us.
1. Determine the goal

Set realistic goals before you start using the natural diet and during the diet. Do not be obsessed with losing weight quickly in a week. A kilo a week is enough. Also set small goals such as not eating fried foods, not eating fast food and others.

2. Optimistic thinking

In addition to setting goals, you must, of course, control your mind to stretch your body. Put a positive and optimistic mind that you will be thin. Do not imagine dietary food under the diet or the way your natural diet may be disturbed or even spread in the middle of the way.

3. Sport

Instead of going anywhere with a vehicle, start going anywhere. Do not just sit still in front of the computer. Start doing things that seem trivial like parking a car away from the destination, so be sure to go first, do not use the elevator or escalator. Can also exercise 30 minutes a day on a regular basis. Beginning with warm hands, feet and head. then you can proceed with jogging, sit ups or push ups. These sports activities if done regularly can help you with weight loss.

4. Extend drinking mineral water

Mineral water is important to the body. Mineral water helps the body's metabolism, improves realization, removes toxins entering the body, makes skin look soft and light, and helps improve brain performance.

In addition to these benefits, mineral water can lose weight. Before eating, you drink a glass of mineral water, so that the portion of the meal is reduced.

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5. Consumption of fiber-rich foods

Foods that contain a lot of fiber are peas, avocados, bananas, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, pear, corn and brown rice.

Benefits of fiber-rich foods include:

Helps detoxification process in the body
Helps to lose weight
Lowers high cholesterol
Digestive tract cleaning
Protects the body from colon diseases
Avoid fat in your blood vessels
Controls blood sugar
Lowers the absorption of glucose

6. Expand the frequency of eating, reduce the portion of the meal

Many people think that reducing the frequency of heavy meals in one day will help reduce weight. In fact, this assumption is incorrect. People with large portions of food though only once add new problems. Just by reducing your part, like eating 3 tablespoons rice and side dishes, but still in the same frequency or more often. Reducing the portion of this meal can be one of the best options as a natural diet.

7. Avoid eating more than 6 o'clock

Breakfast will require a much larger portion of our energy intake during the day as well as lunch. Lunch portion should be less than breakfast. Then did it dinner. Since the activity is over, you do not need to eat more heavy food. Rice can be replaced with an apple. Or if it goes for dinner, do not sleep immediately after eating.

8. Avoid snacks with high sugar content

Avoid eating high sugar foods. Read the nutrition table found on each snack package that you want to eat or drink.

Eating foods that contain excess sugar have many risks like diabetes, high cholesterol, addiction in eating sweat, obesity, cavity and other diseases. Avoid soda because there is very high sugar in soda.

9. Drink lime juice in the morning

Lime has many positive benefits to health. By drinking lime juice with a glass of warm water under the diet, you can help you lose weight faster.

Lime-rich in vitamin C will work to absorb calcium into fat cells, so the weight down.

Natural and healthy diet is not too tight and torture, but still the need for a high commitment to losing weight can on a regular basis and have long-term effects. Hopefully useful.